If you found this page by accident, than thank you for coming this far. I'm a sushi addict with a photography problem and a proclivity to tell dad jokes. Big or small, I take on clients who aren't afraid to try something new, something different, something funky.

"My work is eclectic" said the stereotypical version of myself. Actually, my work these days is fairly eclectic, with a 9-5 job as a jewelry photographer and nights/weekends spent shooting lifestyle portraiture, weddings and lots of personal projects. I also travel from time to time, and live by the philosophy that a camera is the only thing needed to make souvenirs on any journey.

With that said, welcome to my life's work as a guy with a camera. If you see something that makes you question why you ever spent money on cookie cutter wall art,  please ask about making it yours!



James Graves is a portrait and product photographer born in the last months of the 80's and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs. He received a Polaroid from his parents as his first camera in 2001 at the age of eleven. Throughout college, he was torn between his major as a 3D animator and his passion as a budding photographer. By the end of college, a camera had taken him to places no keyboard ever would - covering professional paintball in locations across the country, backstage access to shows with grammy winning musicians OKGo and behind the closed doors of exclusive after hours events for Drexel University. After consideration, he chose to continue his self-education in the photographic process with the goal of becoming good enough to hire.

Today, he works as a photo and video producer for a jewelry company in Philadelphia, and resides in the Fairmount neighborhood of the city. His quest for self-development continues as he produces new work with experimental outcomes and a bespoke feel.

He still has his Polaroid.